The business mission of Britannia
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Page 6: Conclusion

Britannia 3 Image 5Britannia was delighted with the valuer’s report. A mortgage offer was sent the Stevens including details of the loan the society was prepared to provide. Simultaneously, it sent formal instructions to the Stevens solicitor who was able to proceed with the purchase of the house.

Britannia was also able to provide the Stevens with a range of suitable insurance policies including buildings and contents insurance and unemployment, accident and sickness protection, in case work difficulties or illness ever jeopardised their mortgage repayments.

The Stevens case exemplifies the story of the thousands of people every year who buy their new home with a mortgage from Britannia. It highlights how Britannia takes precautions to ensure that its business is carried out in a safe and secure way. This serves to gain the confidence of Britannia’s lenders and borrowers as well as that of other organisations and individuals who deal with Britannia.

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