Roles, responsibilities and career development
A British Gas case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

16_british-gas-apprentices-British Gas is structured in a way that focuses its activities around its customers’ needs. The organisation has divided its operations into a range of business units each with employees at a variety of different levels.

Operatives focus on providing front-line skills and meeting the immediate needs of customers. They work as a member of a team and are supervised by a service manager to whom they regularly report. Operational managers are responsible for managing a number of teams in order to deal with the strategic objectives of the business, especially to provide the highest quality service expertise in the UK.

Employing a diverse group of people is very important within British Gas, as is the process of engaging with employees. This enables them to contribute to the decision making process.

This case study illustrates how, within a large business organisation, a pathway can be created that provides career development through a process of lifelong learning.

British Gas | Roles, responsibilities and career development