Roles, responsibilities and career development
A British Gas case study

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Page 5: Developing skills

2009-08-10-05-15-38e5c1-19In many cases an individual who started at British Gas as an apprentice, trainee or qualified engineer or electrician can advance to become a service manager. Career progression may eventually enable them to become a operational manager. Operational managers have more responsibilities than the service managers. As such, the operational managers are responsible for making strategic decisions.

To make such decisions operational managers require a range of key skills. These include skills and knowledge of customer service, teamwork, communication, IT and finance.

Progressing within the business

As individuals progress from a service manager to operational managers within British Gas they need to up-skill. This helps them to adapt and develop as they undertake further senior responsibilities within the organisation. For example, they now have to take responsibility for customer satisfaction for a large part of the business. They do this by monitoring that work has been completed to the satisfaction of customers. Health and safety is an important part of this role.

13_british-gas-apprentices-Operational managers also have to monitor standards and set targets for improvements. They are responsible for managing budgets and have to ensure that their part of the business meet its budget objectives. At all times they must try to improve best practice. By doing this they can identify areas where costs can be reduced to improve profitability and efficiency.

It is the vision of the operational managers that keeps the business moving forward, vital in such a highly competitive market. Decisions made by the operational managers are passed down the hierarchy to the service managers. Service managers must then communicate the messages to the operatives.

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