Managing health and safety - a quality approach
A British Steel case study

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Page 3: Strategy for Accident Free Employment (SAFE)

British Steel 4 Image 5As a learning organisation, BSES regards the achievement of the best possible accident prevention record as one of the highest priorities in running the business, and to achieve this introduced a five year Strategy for Accident Free Employment (SAFE) which had the following overall objectives:

  • to put in place systems and procedures
  • to ensure positive management of safety
  • to create a culture which promotes a positive approach to safety
  • over a five year period, to reduce the level of all first time attendances at the medical department by at least ten per cent, year on year, with a target of no lost time injuries at the end of this period.

BSES identified a progressive action plan for implementing the SAFE strategy over a five year period. One of the objectives in Year One was to establish a safety training schedule for managers and supervisors and commence training, involving Ashorne Hill, the steel industry’s management college.

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