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A British Trade International case study

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Page 1: Introduction

British Trade International 5 Image 1One of the biggest challenges for business organisations in the UK is learning how and where to trade overseas. In an interdependent world, international trade is an economic necessity. However, there are marked differences between trading in a national economy with known markets and known parameters, and trading on an international basis. Business organisations require support to enter markets as well as to sustain their activities.

This case study looks at British Trade International and its aim to help UK firms compete successfully overseas.

British Trade International is the joint Department of Trade and Industry/Foreign and Commonwealth Office operation which has lead responsibility within the Government for trade promotion and development.

British Trade International 5 Image 3British Trade International helps businesses make the most of global trading opportunities. With over 800 staff in the UK and over 200 diplomatic posts overseas, British Trade International supplies various information, from basic advice - such as for a small business which may be a first time exporter to Dublin - to highly specific niche market information, i.e. a small specialist market.

Within the UK, British Trade International provides dedicated market support including:

  • advice/information services for initial market research
  • professional help from export promoters who have widespread export experience
  • information on various methods of conducting business in a specific country
  • help with meeting language and cultural requirements
  • assistance in bringing key contacts to the UK
  • helping UK organisations market themselves overseas, including grants for visiting countries and exhibiting at international trade shows.

Services tailored for each organisation’s needs are provided by British Trade International’s overseas offices, which can supply direct support for each exporter.

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