Building a competitive advantage
A Bryant Homes case study

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The market for new housing has improved steadily over the last few years.  Consumers have benefited from these improvements; they are offered more attractive designs, better use of space through improved design and a higher specification.

Bryant Homes 7 Image 3However, the market is now very crowded, and any innovation by one company is soon copied.  As a result, there is very little apparent differentiation.  Bryant Homes has risen to the challenge of a situation in which consumers were talking about builders as ‘much of a muchness’.  The company has engaged in a positioning exercise designed to make clear to customers that Bryant Homes has a distinct market position that is different from, and superior to, that of rivals.  Bryant has reviewed many aspects of its operations, and its customers can now see that Bryant Homes has a clear competitive advantage over rivals.

In any modern industry, the key to gaining competitive advantage is to exceed the expectations of all stakeholders: those groups and individuals who have an interest in the company’s business.   This is certainly true for a modern home-building company such as Bryant Homes, whose developments stretch from Scotland to the south coast.  Bryant has many different stakeholder groupings, each of which is considered important. They include:


  • the City of London, which provides financial backing
  • Government, with its concern to develop national housing policies
  • business partners seeking to develop links with reliable companies
  • shareholders seeking a healthy return on their investment
  • existing home owners wanting ongoing support from their home builder
  • potential customers and existing customers in the process of buying a home

and many others, as the chart illustrates:

Bryant Homes 7 Diagram 1

Bryant Homes | Building a competitive advantage