Building a competitive advantage
A Bryant Homes case study

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Page 5: The solution

Bryant has been able to restore its premium position in a new environment of urban renewal and building on brownfield sites by adopting the following practices:

  • Bryant Homes 7 Image 5Address the audience challenge with a simple universal recognisable truth (SURT).  Research showed that there are differences between what people look for when buying a home and those factors that affect their long term quality of life.  At a simple level, the main factors that people consider when buying a home are price, number and size of bedrooms, curb appeal and spaciousness.  However, other factors that influence quality of life are also very important eg privacy, views, aspect, light and garden. Bryant has therefore set out its SURT as: 'Enjoyment of life at home is about much more than bricks and mortar’.
  • Address the market challenge with a brand truth.  Bryant has identified aspects of what it does well (strengths) and which enable the company to make best use of the opportunity presented by PPG3. These strengths are ones that focus on the importance of the local environment and on sympathetic urban design, including landscaping, views, site features, architectural sensitivity etc.

Bryant’s brand truth is: 'Bryant plans from outside in’. This enables Bryant to capture many of the benefits that consumers are looking for: character, detail, individuality and a strong resale value.

  • Address the positioning challenge with a Company Purpose.  The new strategy is based on providing a clear purpose for the company that enables Bryant to more than meet the expectations of stakeholders.

The new Company Purpose is: ‘Bryant creates total living environments’.

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