Tackling the shortage of building land
A Bryant Homes case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

This case study provides a fascinating example of how an organisation can successfully adjust to its changing environment by creating clear strategies and by focusing on the needs of its customers. As we move into the next century, it will be necessary to build more new homes in those areas of the country with the greatest increase in population. Land, however, is not a free resource. It must be used carefully with consideration for sustainable solutions. Bryant has reacted to this changing environment by creating specific business strategies and plans which enable the company to respond to the challenges established by planning authorities. Increasingly, Bryant is looking for new development sites in areas of urban regeneration, where there is the scope to build new and attractive urban villages which fit harmoniously into the existing area. This case study therefore typifies the process of intelligent adjustment to the changing external environment.

Bryant Homes | Tackling the shortage of building land