Tackling the shortage of building land
A Bryant Homes case study

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Page 4: Planning for the future

In response to these new changes in its operating environment, Bryant has had to rethink strategies for building development, its approach to identifying future building land and its progression through the planning process.

Bryant Homes 3 Image 3Bryant has adapted its strategies for further building development. As a predominantly suburban/rural developer, Bryant now has to consider strategies to develop within Inner City Areas, ‘brown’ sites and on previously contaminated land. This means, in effect, that Bryant is looking at ways of creating high quality homes on newly available areas of land such as those previously used for industrial purposes. In many of our large towns and cities, there are vast areas in which industries have declined, creating the opportunity to build new urban villages. Developing these areas involves a sensitive understanding of how the landscape can be revitalised, removing areas of urban decay, whilst maintaining its best features e.g. elements of heritage architecture, trees and green areas; and then rebuilding to create attractive homes. Areas which may have been contaminated through years of neglect and industrial pollution require high quality renovation to make them suitable for human habitation.

In 1996, Bryant formed a new company, Bryant Homes Technical Services, to centralise control over a number of technical functions. A major part of the resources of this company is devoted to a new strategic land department. With the increasing competition in the land market and the challenge of dealing with the planning system, Bryant believes that the control of its future land supply is vital to ensure the organisation’s ability to meet its growth targets. Planning, technical and land buying resources have been concentrated in this new team to strengthen forward land operations.

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