Using IT in sales and marketing
A Bryant Homes case study

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Page 4: Evaluating ICT strategy

Bryant Homes 7 Image 7For Bryant's strategy to be deemed successful it will require a user base that has an ongoing relationship with the site – a relationship that can be quantified in terms of value.

So how effective is the website? The industry belief is that if your potential customer does not get to where he/she wants to go to in three mouse clicks, then you will lose that customer. It was therefore necessary to critically evaluate the navigation and functionality of the site.

A way of measuring the success of the website is to count how often the site was accessed or 'hit'. Another measuring way shows how many sales are generated from use of the site. By May 2000 the website was achieving just under 1 million hits per month and took its 100th reservation. With the average selling price of those properties reserved through the Internet being over £150,000, it is clear that the internet has to be taken seriously and has a key part to play in any marketing strategy.

The Internet needs to be included in every marketing thought process. As a marketing and sales tool the Internet needs to be treated as importantly as national press advertising.

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