Using IT in sales and marketing
A Bryant Homes case study

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Page 1: Introduction

Bryant Homes 7 Image 2The Internet is a powerful means for organisations to communicate with customers. A well constructed website enhances marketing and selling activities. Marketing is concerned with identifying, anticipating and meeting customer needs. Selling is the provision of solutions to buyers’ needs and requirements.

A website is an extension to a company’s off-line brand. Within the current online environment, many firms across a wide range of industries are not taking the time or investing the appropriate levels of energy in truly researching, listening to and understanding their online audience. Bryant wants to be different, create a website that truly establishes itself as a market leader within the industry, creating a benchmark for competitors to strive for.

The creation of the web by ever-increasing numbers of the population has had a major effect on brand-consumer relationship. Bryant Homes wishes to maximise this relationship with the creation of an interactive website, creating an experience that matches the user’s expectations.

As a leading edge blue chip company, Bryant Homes has embraced the latest developments in Information and Communications Technology. One use has been to create a new way of energising sales and marketing.  Bryant needs to understand the mind set of its potential and existing users in seeking success with its online venture. Bryant needs to know: Who are the users, how do they behave? What works on the site, what does not?

The case study examines some of the lessons that Bryant Homes has learnt from the venture to date.

Bryant Homes | Using IT in sales and marketing