Using IT to energise sales and marketing
A Bryant Homes case study

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Page 1: Introduction

Bryant Homes 5 Image 1Information technology is causing fundamental change in almost every organisation and market-place. The effective application of such technologies has become a key resource central to each organisation’s competitive strength. It is capable of setting organisations apart from their competitors allowing them to offer completely new services and products.

Organisations face increasing demands for better quality customer service and a faster response to consumer needs. There is also an increasing demand for high quality information across business organisations so that competencies can be improved in all areas, especially the promotion of products and brands.

This case study focuses on how Bryant Homes has used information technology. It shows how using both an Intranet and the Internet together with interactive multimedia, places Bryant Homes at the forefront of its sector.

When consumers make a purchase today, they have far higher expectations than in the past. They want information that adds to service quality and helps them to make informed choices. In the past, many consumers might simply have looked at price in order to make appropriate comparisons upon which to found their decisions.

Modern customers are much more sophisticated and want extensive comparative information and advice. In this customer-focused environment, organisations need to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Information technology provides the means for delivering significant service improvements.

Bryant Homes | Using IT to energise sales and marketing