Using IT to energise sales and marketing
A Bryant Homes case study

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Page 2: Use of communication technology

Bryant Homes 5 Image 2In the housing market, Bryant has been prepared to introduce the latest technologies in order to develop its product, promote the brand and improve its levels of customer service. Such technologies help to:

  • make information more available to the customer
  • provide the accurate and comprehensive information that customers require
  • speed up sales systems make the buying process smoother for customers.

When using the word ‘customer’ it is important to remember that everyone within an organisation provides a service and that there are ‘internal’ as well as ‘external’ customers. The quality of service which reaches the final house buyer is often influenced by the quality of service and the information that members of staff provide for each other. Communication technologies also help to:

  • provide information and make it available to all departments within Bryant Homes
  • improve the quality and speed of management decisions because managers are better informed.

The Internet and the World Wide Web are currently transforming global communications. It is a global ‘network of networks’ which can be accessed from a personal computer by means of a modem or telephone link. It enables users from anywhere in the world to communicate and share information quickly and easily. The strength of the Internet is as a cheap and effective way of communicating, together with its use as an advanced research tool.

Forward-thinking business organisations have spotted the potential of the Internet and many, such as Bryant Homes, are using it to develop further the products and services it provides for its customers.

Although the Internet is a well-known word, many large organisations are today developing their own Intranet services, which provide a series of secure communication links within an organisation and selected sites.

An Intranet provides a similar communications function to the Internet but to a limited number of users. For example, it may provide a range of corporate communications, personnel announcements, job vacancies and news bulletins, as well as specialist and technical information. This case study focuses on the unique use of an Intranet service which helps to sell Bryant Homes properties by helping customers make informed decisions when purchasing a property.

Bryant Homes | Using IT to energise sales and marketing