Supporting business through standards
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Page 5: Production and launch

BSI helps companies from development all the way through to product launch and marketing. During pre-production, the standards provide a framework to develop products. Testing ensures quality.


Trained assessors and inspectors will check that processes and production comply before products are considered 'fit for sale'. For example, scuba divers need secure equipment, like oxygen tanks. Oxygen tanks require testing to ensure they are able to sustain the conditions and pressures of deep water.


Once a product is launched on the market, certification helps create customer confidence. If a certification body independently certifies a company”s products and services, it can market them with confidence. This is particularly important in sectors such as the automotive, healthcare, fire, engineering and electrical industries.


Benefits of standards

Working to internationally recognised standards brings many benefits to a business:

  • It helps attract customers and assures them that products and services are safe and reliable. This encourages them to buy.
  • It demonstrates market leadership. Businesses applying standards will be able to partner with other certified companies and increase sales.
  • It creates competitive advantage. A company applying standards will appear more attractive than its rivals.
  • It develops and maintains best practice within a business. Applying standards can improve operational productivity and reduce costs.

Standards and certification provide the support that businesses across the globe need to develop new products and to ensure quality. 


International standards enable other countries to accept and use new product ideas. Standards and certification can remove barriers to trading in overseas markets. They can help businesses to become world leaders.

BSI | Supporting business through standards