Using call centres to deliver customer solutions
A BUPA case study

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Page 2: Customer satisfaction

Bupa 5 Image 2One of the key competitive advantages BUPA has over its rivals in the health care industry is that of high levels of customer satisfaction. In order to maintain this advantage, a major initiative called Experience ’97 was set up three years ago to review the way in which the business operated. It looked at:

  • what services were sold
  • how they were distributed
  • how providers of health care were managed
  • how BUPA operated its internal processes.

Driven by the desire to address these four issues, 25 projects were established as part of Experience ’97.  The key delivery mechanism for many of these projects was through improving customer service with the establishment of a new and different customer service centre from the ones that had existed previously. The new centre was concerned with more than updating existing systems. Its activities were to include:

  • new processes, removing the need for the customer to be involved in any administration new computer systems
  • new staff training
  • a new working environment.

Research shows that customers value and trust companies which consistently deliver a co-ordinated set of products or services to meet their individual needs. They also want problems to be solved quickly. This emphasises the key role of the customer service centre in providing customer satisfaction. High quality service enables BUPA to create superior customer value and satisfaction on the basis of trust and confidence.

BUPA | Using call centres to deliver customer solutions