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A Burton Group case study

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Page 4: Logistics

Burton Group 3 Image 3Logistics refers to managing the movement of goods within and between organisations. A key element of the Group’s success is the emphasis on logistics. The Group wanted to ensure a ‘seamless supply chain’ through the delivery process, using suppliers who were flexible, proactive and innovative, provided value added services, worked to world class standards and exceeded expectations. The recent emphasis on logistics and Fastflow has involved new initiatives all the way along the supply chain, as shown below:


  • sets standards for quality, presentation, delivery and punctuality
  • provides a framework to develop closer, more productive relationships with quality assured, flexible suppliers.
  • in-bound Transport (Goods in)
  • improves the delivery methods, frequency of delivery, accuracy, quality of input checking.

Distribution Centres

  • introduces technology and new processes allowing less stockholding (e.g. ‘put to light’ systems), quicker throughput and the best possible customer service
  • the use of recycling.

Delivery Systems (Goods out)

  • implements new allocation methods to reduce stock holdings and maximise availability
  • implements the right frequencies for each store
  • installation of a tracking system using radio frequencies to monitor the product.


  • improves the product flow
  • removes manual handling effort by use of crates to shift stock
  • provides stores with pre-delivery advice
  • improves accuracy
  • increases emphasis on recycling.

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