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Page 5: C&A’s marketing mix

Ca 5 Image 7The marketing mix comprises the four P’s - product, price, place and promotion. It is the series of variables that work together to provide an overall ‘offer’ for the C&A customer. The marketing mix was a critical tool in repositioning C&A away from a   traditional and less fashion aware position within the clothing market, towards more individualistic, mainstream and designer fashion.

1. Product

C&A’s products consisted of a carefully selected range of up-to-date clothing styles, manufactured with care for the whole household. ‘Collection Definition’ meetings helped to provide various offers for each sub-brand. Strategic alliances have been forged with suppliers to provide more value for customers. The core range of C&A’s assortment has been repositioned to deliver a style message which is perceived as fashionable and up-to-date.

2. Price

Ca 5 Diagram 2Price structures differ within every market. Prices within C&A are evaluated within five price points. P1 is a low price discount proposition with P5 as the highest price. Though C&A was and is well-known for its low prices, the repositioning process involved transforming perceptions of price into an image of value, with products priced in the P2-P4 range. Consequently, key reasons for shopping at C&A in the future will be to meet customer fashion and quality requirements in the mid-market ranges.

3. Place

Consumer research indicated C&A’s selling environment did not provide an easy-to-shop attractive ambience, this degraded the merchandise. The environment did not communicate clear fashion statements. The Store Concept had to be in tune with key elements of C&A’s repositioning strategy so that products would be clearly and attractively presented in a friendly and up-to-date atmosphere across each of the five segments.

4. Promotion

The aim of advertising and other promotional methods is to communicate C&A’s new positioning strategy, with particular emphasis upon fashion publicity.

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