Creating value - brand management
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Page 4: The role of brand management

Ca 5 Image 4Brand management enabled C&A to build relationships with different customer target groups according to their specific needs and requirements.

The starting point for the process of brand management was to redefine C&A’s brand portfolio with a re-focusing of brand labels within the parent or umbrella brand of C&A. When a brand belongs to an umbrella brand such as C&A, it is called a sub-brand and contributes in its own way to the image of the umbrella brand.

One problem was that the C&A portfolio of sub-brands was too large, comprising 23 labels. These were reduced from 23 to 13 and placed within five groups in different market segments. Market segments provide a detailed breakdown of a market and include groups of actual or potential customers who may respond in a similar way to a given offer. C&A's are:

  • Young
  • Contemporary
  • Updated traditional (fashion basics)
  • Traditional.

Each of the sub-brands was then provided with a brand definition. Brand definition covers all of the aspects of a brand. Brand definitions therefore act as a theoretical basis for each sub-brand and determine how and where they are positioned.

Clockhouse sub-brand

One example of a C&A sub-brand, Clockhouse, positions itself between teens and young families, bridging the gap between the two consumer groups. Products within the Clockhouse range emphasise fashion characteristics which are derived from sources of information provided by fashion scouts.

Pricing focus is on P2/3 but will vary according to market opportunities. C&A stores are to have a dedicated Clockhouse Store Concept, with chill-out areas - a store within a store. Promotion will be provided through visual merchandising and floor campaigns while outside advertising will be through the fashion press and key events.

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