Implementing Codes of Conduct
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C&A also has a Code of Conduct for its executives. The Code recognises that there are mutual obligations and responsibilities not only between the Company and its people but also between each individual to all other colleagues at all levels. The Code also recognises obligations and responsibilities to people outside the Company - to customers, to suppliers and to the communities in which C&A people live and work.

The Code sets out a number of essential personal qualities and guidelines on those standards of behaviour required at C&A. These include Integrity, Professionalism, Commitment and agreed Management Style. The guiding principle of Integrity is seen as being at the heart of C&A’s set of values and is defined in the following way:

  • Dealing fairly and honestly at all times and in all matters - both in business and in private life.
  • Complying fully with legal and regulatory requirements - regarding these as the minimum standard to be observed.
  • Avoiding all circumstances which could compromise personal integrity or reduce the individual’s freedom to take independent commercial decisions.
  • Avoiding any relationship or situation which could compromise our collective ability to work together as a team; which introduces an element of conflict of interests or which goes against the basic principle of respect for the individual.
  • Taking steps to ensure that the organisation is made aware of any personal situation or circumstance which could be relevant in the light of this Code. Making adequate and timely disclosure - without being prompted.

This part of the Code sets out that executives will take an active approach to self-development in order to optimise their levels of knowledge and skills. They will be flexible and embrace change, take responsibility for their own actions and have the sensitivity to understand the full impact of any decisions they make take on others.

C&A executives are expected to be loyal and committed to the organisation and to each other, and to respect people both within and external to the organisation.

Management Style

Finally, the Code sets out that the management style will:

  • be open and honest and based on effective communication
  • be based on teamwork and joint effort which encourages the maximum contribution
  • encourage contribution of ideas from all
  • involve everyone in the coaching and development of others
  • strive to build consensus (shared agreement) rather than compromise
  • involve discretion and confidentiality in commercial and personal matters.

Every executive has a direct responsibility to help maintain and enhance C&A’s culture, based on personal integrity, teamwork, mutual trust and respect for the individual. The responsibility is also shared with every colleague and with the organisation in total.

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