Branding strategies to create value
A Cadbury Schweppes case study

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Page 6: Cadbury LAND

In 1998 Cadbury Trebor Bassett rebranded its Cadbury chocolate lines aimed principally at children: Buttons, Fudge, Curly Wurly, Chomp, Wildlife, Taz and Freddo.

These products could not all become one brand, because of their very different brand characteristics. What was needed was a new 'umbrella' that gave them some togetherness whilst preserving their separate identities.

A lot was at stake. One third of all confectionery is consumed by people under 16, which represents annual sales of £1.8 billion. Of these, 75are bought for children rather than by them. Prior to launching Cadbury LAND, Cadbury had 33of this children's market.

The concept of Cadbury LAND took 12 months to develop. The company laid down certain requirements. Cadbury LAND had to be:

  • media-neutral: suitable for promotion through all the various media forms
  • flexible: able to survive the addition and subtraction of component brands
  • robust: able to survive changes in fashion and not linked to a 'craze'
  • acceptable internationally: not tied to one particular culture
  • faithful to the products: reflecting them, rather than a contrived bolt-on
  • sufficiently modern and different, but compatible with past product development.

Cadbury LAND capitalises on children's love of likeable characters placed in a world of their own. A character is attached to each brand. The character's persona reflects the brand. Each is rather zany. Thus, Buttons is 'a bit dizzy and giggles a lot', Wildlife is 'an eccentric old buffer' and Fudge is 'a bit of a loony'.

In Cadbury LAND, each character contributes in an endearing way to the making of 'their' product. Dudley Sidebottom represents the child consumer and his chocolate-related adventures offer the route by which everyone can enter and enjoy Cadbury LAND. Children feel comfortable with all this, because they have enjoyed something similar before in other contexts.

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