Creating a new and exciting brand - Cafe Cadbury
A Cadbury Schweppes case study

Page 1: Introduction

Everyone knows about Cadbury and what it represents. The Cadbury Masterbrand is the flagship for a variety of well known distinctive products including Flake, Dairy Milk, Crunchie and Roses. Each of these products has its own place in the public imagination because we have grown up with them and they have associations for us with events in our personal histories. Since 1990, Cadbury has...
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Page 2: Brand positioning

Brand positioning involves creating a position in the market place for a product. Café Cadbury involves providing consumers with a 3D experience of the brand in which they enjoy a premium offer. Consumers are able to experience the brand in a real physical environment. Café Cadbury provides a warm, contemporary, friendly environment where customers can indulge themselves with...
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Page 3: Brand values

Brand values are those things that a particular brand stands for - eg reliability, quality, etc. In selecting values for Café Cadbury, a prime consideration was to select values which reinforce the message to customers 'choose Cadbury'. The key values are: Premium - A premium catering and shopping experience for indulgent chocolate and non-chocolate products in a quality...
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Page 4: Delivering business objectives

In carrying out any business strategy it is first necessary to create a set of objectives to provide a clear direction and to monitor success over time. Four objectives were established in setting up Café Cadbury. These were: to communicate Cadbury's Master-brand values, projecting a modern and relevant image to change public perceptions by associating Cadbury with premium...
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Page 5: The target market

It is essential to have a clear picture of the type of people that make up your core target market. Armed with this information you can then select how to best reach and appeal to this market. Following Cadbury's research into the Gifting market, the company analysed market research into the coffee bar and cafémarkets. Cadbury's then carried out its own research which confirmed that...
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Page 6: Choosing the right location

Knowing the target market, Cadbury was then able to research the right locations to attract 25-45 year old females with high disposable incomes who were regular café users. In addition, it was necessary to take into account a number of business and practical criteria the location must have: a prime site location in the main shopping area of a city with 100,000 people and an upmarket...
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Page 7: Design guidelines

Design is always important. The design of Café Cadbury seeks to make sure that customers enjoy a unique, shopping and catering experience as they make their journey around it from entrance to departure.  Efficient links between back of house facilities, support and the front of house are needed to service the needs of customers. Once the customer enters the retail area, the...
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Page 8: Corporate identity

As a flagship for the Cadbury Masterbrand the interior and exterior of the Cafés are designed to communicate the brand's distinctiveness, that it is part of the Cadbury family. The Café Cadbury corporate identityis made up of three related design elements: Cadbury's Masterbrand Café Cadbury logo, colour palette, typographic style and image palette Café Cadbury...
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Page 9: Positioning the brand

Everything about the café needs to reflect the requirements of the target market. For example, the menus are carefully tailored to the requirements of the target audience at different times of the day. The savoury menu contains freshly baked baguettes with innovative fillings and hot panini. The cake menu includes a range of fresh cakes and there is a wide choice of ice-creams all served...
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Page 10: Operating Café Cadbury

Café Cadbury is not run by Cadbury. Instead Cadbury pays a fee to an independent operator to run and staff Café Cadbury. This means that Cadbury are able to control the quality of the café without being drawn into the day-to-day operation. An Operator's Agreement was drawn up which includes the performance criteria which guarantees that the café will meet with the...
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Page 11: Conclusion

Cadbury is one of the best known brands in the world today. It is a brand which is associated with high levels of quality and customer satisfaction. The ongoing growth of Café Cadbury provides a flagship that further helps to enhance the reputation of the Cadbury Masterbrand. At the same time, it provides customers with the opportunity to indulge themselves in the enjoyment of high...
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