Creating a new and exciting brand - Cafe Cadbury
A Cadbury Schweppes case study

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Page 2: Brand positioning

Brand positioning involves creating a position in the market place for a product. Café Cadbury involves providing consumers with a 3D experience of the brand in which they enjoy a premium offer. Consumers are able to experience the brand in a real physical environment. Café Cadbury provides a warm, contemporary, friendly environment where customers can indulge themselves with Cadbury's chocolate.

To secure this premium position, Cadbury set out to differentiate the experience from coffee shops and chocolate retailers on the high streets or in shopping centres/malls. The total Café Cadbury experience exposes the customer to chocolate indulgence. The emphasis is on chocolate, offering the customer a range of products and experiences they cannot find elsewhere.

The illustration across highlights that the heart of the offer is the chocolate experience delivered within the theatre of a premium café location. Supporting this is a retail offer including chocolates and gifts as well as takeaway products.

Cadbury Schweppes | Creating a new and exciting brand - Cafe Cadbury