Creating a new and exciting brand - Cafe Cadbury
A Cadbury Schweppes case study

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Page 3: Brand values

Brand values are those things that a particular brand stands for - eg reliability, quality, etc. In selecting values for Café Cadbury, a prime consideration was to select values which reinforce the message to customers 'choose Cadbury'.

The key values are:

  • Premium - A premium catering and shopping experience for indulgent chocolate and non-chocolate products in a quality environment.
  • High quality - The best coffee, unique cakes and fresh baguettes.
  • Friendly service - Café Cadbury staff are trained to treat customers as guests and to welcome them from the first minute they enter the Café
  • Novelty - The emphasis in product development at the Café is on innovation eg. spiced chocolate or a full size chocolate football.
  • Celebrating Cadbury Chocolate - A variety of dark chocolate is used, but all of the milk chocolate delivers the real taste of Cadbury's chocolate.
  • Adult appeal - The emphasis is on catering for adult taste, but because children love Cadbury's chocolate they are also provided for with a children's meal packed in a Yowie gift box.
  • Relaxing - The Café provides a relaxing atmosphere as a result of the friendly service, the interior decoration and general ambience.
  • Contemporary - The design and atmosphere of the Café is modern, innovative and dynamic.

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