Creating a new and exciting brand - Cafe Cadbury
A Cadbury Schweppes case study

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Page 4: Delivering business objectives

In carrying out any business strategy it is first necessary to create a set of objectives to provide a clear direction and to monitor success over time.

Four objectives were established in setting up Café Cadbury. These were:

  1. to communicate Cadbury's Master-brand values, projecting a modern and relevant image
  2. to change public perceptions by associating Cadbury with premium 'special' chocolate as well as everyday products
  3. to reduce Cadbury's dependence on traditional retail channels by developing alternative routes to market
  4. to generate incremental income.

A number of measures were chosen to track performance in meeting these objectives:

  • the number of customers who walk through the door
  • the number of diners
  • the media value of the site
  • quantified attitude measurements for Café Cadbury customers and the local population to assess perceptions of the Cadbury's Masterbrand.

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