Creating a new and exciting brand - Cafe Cadbury
A Cadbury Schweppes case study

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Page 7: Design guidelines

Design is always important. The design of Café Cadbury seeks to make sure that customers enjoy a unique, shopping and catering experience as they make their journey around it from entrance to departure.  Efficient links between back of house facilities, support and the front of house are needed to service the needs of customers.

Once the customer enters the retail area, the counter and its displays are clearly visible serving both the retail and takeaway products. The counter is designed to appeal to adults and is sophisticated and modern, made of warm cherry timber and trimmed in clean stainless steel. As the customer walks over the timber floor, their footsteps add to the hard-edged, busy sound in this part of the Café Cadbury. The customer moves on to browse the retail display fixtures. These show premium chocolate and non-chocolate offers.

From the retail area, clear signage encourages a visit to the café area upstairs. A recording of café noise is played at the foot of the stairs to reassure customers that there is activity on the first floor. A range of music plays in the café including jazz and soul to reflect the tastes of the target market.

At the counter the customers choose from a tempting range of cakes, savoury food, ice- cream and drinks, served by friendly employees. Most customers stay in the café area for 15-20 minutes.

When the customer wants an even more indulgent experience, signal points are to the lounge area. The furniture is the strongest demonstration of the lounge's distinctive identity. A combination of the soft chairs and low tables creates a special, related feeling of being in someone's lounge at home.

When the customer leaves Café Cadbury, their purchases are packed in branded bags as a lasting reminder of the experience.

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