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Page 3: Ethics and employment policies

When recruiting staff, Cadbury Schweppes is eager to encourage diversity in the workplace. It therefore encourages applications from a wide range of people. Greater diversity in the workplace encourages different ways of looking at and solving problems and may lead to greater creativity.

To achieve such diversity, the company provides equal opportunities for its recruits regardless of gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, race or religion. Vacancies are advertised worldwide via the company's websites and intranet so that employees can switch from one part of the organisation to another.

Once employed, Cadbury Schweppes provides career opportunities to enable staff to develop personally and grow in terms of experience and skills. The company's performance appraisal system provides a regular opportunity to review an individual's strengths and progress and construct development plans for each person. By allowing each individual employee to develop, the company can develop as a whole.

Other factors in its treatment of staff that reflect a socially responsible approach include:

  • High levels of consultation that involve employees in decision-making. The company values discussion so that employees understand the nature of a problem, feel part of the process of finding a solution, and identify with the outcome.
  • Offering appropriate levels of remuneration and rewards. Cadbury Schweppes regularly benchmarks its levels of pay against other companies to ensure it is competitive. Staff are also encouraged to have shares in the company and can purchase shares at a reduced price.
  • Development and training is offered so employees are better able to carry out their duties and are more motivated in their work.
  • The creation of a healthy and safe working environment so employees feel safe at work.
  • The prevention of any form of harassment in the workplace.

Cadbury Schweppes has produced a formal statement of its policies towards employees that is part of a document called its Human Rights and Ethical Trading (HRET) Policy.

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