Stakeholders and Corporate Community Investment
A Cadbury Schweppes case study

Page 1: Introduction

Modern society depends on prosperous communities that care for all of their members. Business organisations can play an important role in creating and developing such communities. This case study focuses on how Cadbury Trebor Bassett provides a positive role model and acts as a benchmark in how to exercise Corporate Community Investment (CCI). Cadbury Trebor Bassett (CTB) is the UK...
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Page 2: What is Corporate Community Investment

Corporate Community Investment involves business organisations recognising that they have a responsibility both to their local areas and society in general. For a company, being socially responsible means using its resources and its influence to shape the lives of fellow citizens for the better. The Cadbury Schweppes group has a Corporate Community Investment strategy of 'Creating Value in...
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Page 3: Stakeholder expectations

Cadbury Schweppes' core purpose is 'Working together to create brands people love'. The success of the organisation in meeting this purpose can be measured in terms of the value created for shareholders. However, this success is achievable only if the company respects its commitment to every one of its stakeholders. CTB believes in creating prosperous, educated and socially inclusive...
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Page 4: Stakeholders

Enlightened companies see their stakeholder groupings as partners who help to shape and inform company plans and policies.
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Page 5: The external environment

Successful businesses seek to create a fit between their line of business, way of operating and external environment. In recent years, there have been attempts to make UK society more inclusive. Groups that used to be treated as 'outsiders' (e.g. disabled people, single parent families, people living in areas of poverty and educational disadvantage) are being brought into the mainstream of...
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Page 6: Active citizenship

In the modern world the obligations of business to society have broadened and companies like CTB are building on a heritage of good citizenship in a more strategic way. CTB's community contributions take many forms e.g. cash grants, sponsorship, donations in kind, as well as the time, effort and skills that CTB people put into the communities in which they live and work. Cash In 2001...
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Page 7: Benefits to the community

CTB is genuinely concerned with making a real difference and carries out evaluations to identify the effectiveness of its social responsibility programmes. 1.Creating a more active workforce Andrew Cosslett, CTB's Managing Director, has remarked: 'By providing an inspiring menu of activities, by encouraging people to take part and allowing them to do so in work time, we have unleashed an army...
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Page 8: Benefits to CTB

Cadbury Trebor Bassett benefits from its Corporate Community Investment strategy in many ways, and is a stronger company as a result. The principal benefits are in: motivating employees by using company resources to support causes that they care about building loyalty amongst people who are proud to work for a company that is socially responsible and a good neighbour growing the skills and...
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Page 9: The way forward

Being a responsible citizen is an ongoing process that requires continual evaluation. CTB keeps track of its community investment in an on-line database based on LBG's (London Benchmarking Group) internationally approved model. In 2011, Cadbury Schweppes was in the Top Ten of the FTSE 100 in terms of community investment. Evaluations indicate that schools valued CTB's contributions, for example...
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