Stakeholders and Corporate Community Investment
A Cadbury Schweppes case study

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Page 6: Active citizenship

In the modern world the obligations of business to society have broadened and companies like CTB are building on a heritage of good citizenship in a more strategic way.

CTB's community contributions take many forms e.g. cash grants, sponsorship, donations in kind, as well as the time, effort and skills that CTB people put into the communities in which they live and work.


In 2001, Cadbury Trebor Bassett and Cadbury Schweppes contributed £1.1m in cash to community projects in the UK.

Gifts in kind

In 2001, these were worth £350,000 and included:

  • products - drinks, chocolate, sugar confectionery
  • surplus materials - foil, sticky tape, cellophane, cardboard donated to schools and play centres for children to use in arts and craft activities. This also reduces waste
  • furniture - surplus and/or obsolete tables, desks, chairs, OHPs etc are donated to charities, schools and community organisations
  • services and facilities - where possible, schools and community organisations are allowed to use the company's facilities e.g. meeting rooms, conference centres, sports fields, social clubs.


The company has an extensive employee volunteer programme; staff donate their time and skills. More than 1,500 employees take part in community activities. These include:

  • working in classrooms (e.g. listening to children read)
  • providing strategic support to headteachers or community sector organisations
  • supporting painting and decorating programmes
  • promoting community projects within play schools or community centres.

CTB has a menu of community activities for employees to choose from and gives every employee its 'Guide to Employee Volunteering'. Volunteers are allowed time off work to take part.

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