Integrated information systems: seeing the whole picture
A Canon case study

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Page 3: Operating the core business

Companies which set out, through their products and services, to help other companies become and remain efficient operators need to be at the forefront of innovation and good practice themselves.

Canon prides itself on the research that it carries out into developing new technologies. It has research centres located in Europe (e.g. France, UK) USA and Japan.

The company operates in a highly competitive environment. It recognises the importance of managing its processes in ways that ensure that its new products come to market quickly, are to the highest technical specifications, and can be competitively priced.

Key to this is Canon's appreciation that a good Information Management strategy is an essential component of business success. Today's businesses are faced with a mass of documentation, emails, and other paperwork circulating around them. Canon has developed skills and technologies to take control of this potential information overload, the know-how to manage it and the ability to share it throughout the organisation and beyond.

Canon has used its technology, understanding and systems integration skills to help improve its own business processes - aiding it to become more efficient, more productive and more profitable.

Because it understands the important contribution of Information and Communications systems to effective working, Canon is well placed to help other organisations improve their own Information Management Systems. With its history of technological innovation in the fields of state-of-the-art integrated IT, office and imaging systems, Canon seeks to continually provide solutions that best meet customer requirements.

For today's digital, networked offices, this means providing a range of Information Technology and Communications solutions built around a core set of digital products.

Canon | Integrated information systems: seeing the whole picture