Integrated information systems: seeing the whole picture
A Canon case study

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Page 4: Strategic management

Strategic management involves making long-term plans that are clear and well thought out, rather than simply reacting to problems when they arise. In business, we make a distinction between a reactive organisation and a proactive one. The proactive organisation is the one that plans ahead. Unfortunately many UK companies are forced to operate in a reactive way, and particularly in the area of developing an Information Management Strategy. The problem is that, as companies grow, they need to deal with their customers in more complex ways - and their current Information Management systems need to be updated. Some add individual components to their existing systems (helping them to maximise the value of their previous investments), while others will start from scratch. Whichever route a business takes, it makes sense to think strategically, and particularly to examine ways of integrating the various compatible components of information systems e.g. copiers, computers, printers. Many organisations have the correct equipment but may not be using it as effectively as they could, others - such as Oaks Park High School in Essex, where Canon has built an advanced ICT network for use by teachers and pupils - are able to build solutions from the ground up.

Canon | Integrated information systems: seeing the whole picture