Organisational structure in an innovative environment
A Capco case study

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Page 4: Communication channels

Capco 18 Image 14Open and effective communication is crucial for all organisations and is affected by the span of control. A narrow span of control in tall hierarchical organisations can lead to communication problems because of the large number of layers between the top and the bottom. These tall hierarchical structures can also be rigid and inflexible. This can stifle ideas, innovation and creativity. In contrast, a wider span of control encourages and involves employees. This helps to generate ideas and promote new ways of thinking.

Capco believes in open lines of communication and its structure and culture has created honest channels of communication. Its local and regional offices host regular forums to disseminate information about developments in the business, as well as giving employees an opportunity to socialise. These forums also provide opportunities for employees to put forward their entrepreneurial ideas to the leadership team. Consultants can often be based remotely on a client site and miss the day to day interactions of a team or connection with the firm. In order to keep in touch with other staff, despite working in different locations and on different projects, an internal social networking site was created called CapInTouch. This entrepreneurial idea:

‘Is now an internal community-based tool available to all Capco employees. The global social networking site has revolutionised the way people communicate across the organisation.’

Social media

Capco also uses social media to communicate externally. For example, LinkedIn is used to communicate the benefits of its Associate Talent Programme (ATP) to attract applicants. After joining the ATP, new associates undertake an intensive training course, involving working in a simulated project environment. Effective communication is at the heart of Capco’s training programme. The course offers an introduction to the global financial services landscape, current risks and regulations, and the foundations of consulting and project delivery.

Capco 18 Image 12Open and honest communication and a commitment to training and development at Capco creates positive employee relations. In a recent survey, 85% of Capco’s employees stated that they are happy with their personal growth. This supports the company’s commitment to help all its employees continually broaden their skills base and deepen their industry knowledge, at every stage of their career. Each employee is also assigned a career development coach who provides personal ongoing career guidance.

The skills and experience of its employees and the ability to think differently are an essential component of the added value that Capco offers to clients. Idea generation for its financial services clients is developed through Capco’s ‘rocket method’. This covers all aspects of team working, communication and team decision making.

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