Developing Key Skills For Literature Of Opportunity
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Page 4: Key Skills In Context

Imagine that you have been asked to join a group of young people to undertake any of the following activities:

  • the running and management of a newly formed sports team which has just joined a league
  • the organisation of a day conference for business studies students at your school or college, which involves inviting six people from the world of business to come and make some presentations
  • organising a fund raising event for a local charity
  • running a school trip to a careers convention.

Each of these activities may in themselves present a range of problems. For example, you may need a teacher to accompany you to the careers convention, or there may be a lack of accommodation for the one-day conference. The starting point would be for the group to meet together to discuss your proposals. Planning will be involved, as you need clear deadlines and responsibilities. You may wish to use some form of information technology to communicate or process information. Some numerical data such as fees or charges may be required and may involve calculations and drawing up a budget. As you work through this project you are learning about your own strengths and skills. In fact you will be developing and using many of the same Key Skills that employers look for in their young workers and employees. But, remember that such skills are not just helpful at work, but also improve your ability to organise, manage and develop yourself within your life outside work.

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