Making the labour market work better
A Capita/DfES case study

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Page 8: Unveiling the New Deal

In July 1997, the Labour Government unveiled its rationale for a New Deal by emphasising a new approach to welfare reform in this country:

'In the new economy....,where capital, inventions, even raw materials are mobile, Britain has only one truly national resource: the talent and potential of its people. Yet in Britain today one in five of working age households has no one earning a wage. In place of welfare there should be work... It is time for the welfare state to put opportunity again in people's hands. First, everyone in need of work should have the opportunity to work. Second, we must ensure work pays. Third, everyone who seeks to advance through employment and education must be given the means to advance. So we will create a new ladder of opportunity that will allow the many, by their own efforts to benefit from opportunities once open only to a few.'

The 1997 budget then (amongst other reforms) went on to announce preliminary ideas for The New Deal and these were expanded in the March 1998 Budget.