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  • Family Assurance Friendly Society Logo

    Case study

    • The launch of a new Trust

      This case study examines the recent launch of the Children’s Ethical Trust which provides the opportunity for savings for young people to be put into ethical investments. — Edition 3

  • first direct Logo

    Case studies

    • [+] Using customer service to position a business

      This case study shows how the online bank first direct positions itself in the retail banking sector. — Edition 14

    • [+] Using market research to relaunch a brand

      This case study shows how first direct has used market research to revitalise its brand. — Edition 13

    • [+] Taking direct banking a step further

      This case study examines how First Direct became the catalyst for change in the banking industry. From the beginning, First Direct has been breaking the mould of traditional banking and maintains a philosophy of providing and anticipating the financial services people require. — Edition 3

    • [+] A revolution in banking

      This case study focuses on First Direct's recognition of a gap in the financial services industry, which was exploited through the development of a unique customer proposition. — Edition 2

  • First Group Logo

    Case studies

    • [+] Investing in safety

      This case study shows how FirstGroup, the worlds leading transport company, has developed a safety culture. — Edition 14

    • [+] Managing external influences

      This case study looks at how PESTEL analysis helps a business to identify which factors in its business environment may be threats or opportunities and to plan for them. — Edition 13

    • [+] Introducing an established brand - bringing Yellow Bus to Britain

      This case study focuses on the Yellow Bus concept and how First is introducing them to the UK. Launching the service in the UK has been made easier by the existing brand recognition and by the strong positive image nurtured through years of exposure in American films and TV series. — Edition 8

  • FKI Logo

    Case studies

    • [+] Organic product development to accelerate growth

      This case study focuses on how FKI created an innovative new product which yielded outstanding benefits to its customers - the electricity supply industry. — Edition 3

    • [+] Communication - the key to success!

      This case study focuses on the issue of communications. It describes a range of ways in which organisations communicate with its workforce. — Edition 2

  • Food Standards Agency Logo

    Case study

    • Market research and consumer protection

      This case study focuses on how the FSA uses scientific and market research to provide consumers with reliable up-to-date information, enabling them to make healthy choices about food. — Edition 13

  • Football Association Logo

    Case study

  • Ford Logo

    Case studies

    • [+] Sponsorship as part of the marketing mix

      This case study helps students understand how effective sponsorship involves all 4Ps of the marketing mix. — Edition 11

    • [+] The role of an equal opportunities policy

      This case study focuses on equal opportunities at Ford Motor Company. Ford has been committed to the principles behind equal opportunities in employment and has been involved in many initiatives designed to improve equal opportunities within the workplace. — Edition 3

    • [+] Strategies for leadership

      This case study looks at Ford 2000's strategies for leadership which allowed Dagenham 2000 to develop its own plans to be a ‘centre of excellence’, within a world class manufacturer. — Edition 2

  • Foreign & Commonwealth Office Logo

    Case studies

    • [+] Meeting business needs through workforce planning

      This case study looks at why the FCO needs people with transferable skills who can adapt easily and undertake many different roles and responsibilities within the organisation. — Edition 15

    • [+] Delivering the mission statement

      This case study examines how the FCO meets its goals through the skills and competencies of its people. — Edition 14

    • [+] Working for free trade

      This case study focuses on the Foreign & Commonwealth Office's (FCO) involvement in world trade policy. — Edition 6

  • Forestry Commission Logo

    Case studies

    • [+] Factors affecting organisational structure

      This case study shows how the important roles played by people who work for the Commission are structured. It outlines how this structure helps the Forestry Commission in its vital role in protecting Britain's forests. — Edition 15

    • [+] Developing people through training

      The case study will show how training and development is central to the work of the Forestry Commission and how it benefits the career development of its people. — Edition 14

  • Freeserve Logo

    Case studies

  • FTSE Group Logo

    Case study

    • The contribution of the FTSE4Good Index to socially responsible investment

      This case study examines the work of FTSE Group, one of the world’s best-known data providers. FTSE manages over 20,000 financial indices including its best known product: the FTSE 100. It also focuses on the new family of indices, FTSE4Good, a new standard for socially responsible investment. — Edition 8

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