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    Case studies

    • [+] Meeting customer needs - Young Savers

      This case study illustrates customer orientation by showing how Yorkshire Building Society has carried out detailed research into the financial requirements of young people with a view to offering them products that most meet their needs. — Edition 8

    • [+] Building a local retail strategy

      The study focuses on the development of a retail strategy based on identifying different customer needs and on devising ways of meeting these different needs. — Edition 7

    • [+] The virtuous circle of mutuality

      This case study focuses on the way in which one Building Society - The Yorkshire Building Society has remained loyal to its tradition and to its members - the virtuous circle of mutuality. — Edition 2

  • Yorkshire Electricity Logo

    Case study

    • A focus on customer service

      This case study focuses upon service quality by illustrating how one organisation - Yorkshire Electricity - in a fundamentally reorganised electricity industry, has developed a customer service strategy to redefine the way it looks after its customers. — Edition 2

  • Yorkshire Water Logo

    Case study

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