Sustainable tourism in forest surroundings
A Center Parcs case study

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Page 3: Impact on the local economy

The Center Parcs project in Sherwood Forest is close to Mansfield and Ollerton. This used to be a coal mining area. The closure of the mines led to severe structural unemployment. The arrival of Center Parcs had several beneficial effects:

  • Center Parcs 7 Image 5Constructing the project injected income and generated local jobs. The     company spent around £22 million - equivalent to more than £35 million in 2001. The local economy benefited by about £12 million from this ‘one off’ expenditure.
  • Operating Center Parcs Sherwood Forest generates ongoing jobs and income. Around 1,000 highly varied jobs have been created on site e.g. leisure managers, beauty therapists, chefs. Center Parcs injects over £7 million each year in wages and salaries into the local economy.
  • Center Parcs’ policy is to purchase locally wherever possible. This benefits local suppliers such as builders, laundry companies, caterers, florists. Businesses within the local economy of this Center Parcs site generate an  additional 140 jobs as a direct result of the presence of the Center Parcs village.
  • Many Center Parcs’ visitors either visit local businesses on their way to or from the Center Parcs village, or visit other attractions outside the village. Other tourist activities around the Sherwood Forest site have benefited as a result of Center Parcs being there.

Center Parcs | Sustainable tourism in forest surroundings