Positioning the brand
A Chap Stick case study

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Page 5: Repositioning the mix

Chap Stick 2 Image 3Every product has a unique marketing mix which is used to place a product in a market position relative to other brands, by taking into account the needs and perceptions of customers. The product’s position is dependent upon how it is perceived in the minds of customers. Positioning involves emphasising the attributes and strengths of a product over its competitors in order to move the brand forward and develop a better market position.

During 1995/6, Chap Stick was positioned as “A practical product for everyday lip protection, ideal for people with active outdoor lifestyles.” The latest promotions emphasise that Chap Stick is a brand for today’s lifestyles. The emphasis is upon ‘lifestyle’ - there are many occasions when Chap Stick will prove invaluable, e.g. when outdoors and exposed to the elements. In positioning the product, although emphasis is placed on it as an outdoor product, it is not positioned as one which is only useful in ‘extreme’ conditions.

Chap Stick | Positioning the brand