Positioning the brand
A Chap Stick case study

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Page 4: The marketing mix

Chap Stick 2 Image 4The marketing mix is made up of four main ingredients which an organisation combines in order to ensure that marketing objectives are achieved. The mix is usually analysed on the basis of the four Ps. To meet customer needs, an organisation must develop products to satisfy them, charge them the right price, get the goods to the right place and make the existence of the product known through its promotion.

“Mix” is an appropriate word to describe the marketing process. A mix is a composition of ingredients blended together to fulfil a common purpose. Every ingredient is vitally important and each depends on the other for its contribution. Just as with a cake, each ingredient is insufficient on its own - but blended together they produce something very special. In the same way as there are various cakes to suit various tastes, a mix can be designed to meet the precise requirements of the market.

In terms of product, Chap Stick meets a variety of needs. Its main benefits are in protecting and moisturising lips. However, it has a number of other marketing features including flavourings, a sunscreen, a convenient to carry around shape and a ‘sporty’ healthy image.

Price When Chap Stick is an infrequent purchase, consumers are not especially influenced by its price. However, for frequent users, price is an important consideration, particularly when trying to attract frequent users. In a market with alternative products available, it is important to charge a price which is broadly similar to other competitors.

Promotion During the 1990s, Chap Stick has been advertised in women’s and teenage magazines. In addition, Chap Stick has been promoted in chemists where prominent display is encouraged close to the till. The main emphasis on advertising in recent years has been on the ‘kiss’. However, the new emphasis in promotional activity has been on point of sale material, rather than on press advertising, which has focused on active lifestyles. Chap Stick is portrayed as being a lively brand for a modern lifestyle as well as having functional benefits in protecting lips. Advertising and sales literature have depicted outdoor activities and situations involving both males and females.

1995/96 Promotion - Get Active with Chap Stick.

To gain impact in 1996, Chap Stick has been promoted in chemists, again close to the till, using the “Get Active” advertising. The promotion was consistent with outdoor lifestyle activities. To be appealing to the primary target market of 16-34 year old females, the offer was based on recreational activity rather than outdoor pursuits. The promotion included an offer – for proof of purchase, the consumer could experience one of several activities when accompanied by a paying person and the list included activities such as horse riding, dry skiing and sailing.

Place It is most important to promote Chap Stick into chemists and retailing outlets. A recent solution to winning sales in a number of smaller retail outlets has been the Chap Stick Tent Card. The Card has been designed to be colourful and visual and to show a full range of flavours, thus gaining a key advantage over rival cards. In Cash and Carry stores, the Tent Card fits easily on shelves and has greater impact as it is ‘tall and thin’ rather than ‘short and fat’. An important thrust in the development of Chap Stick involves widening the distribution network, so that it is sold in more shops and chemists and improving impact at point of sale, i.e. making sure that people who go into a chemists or other shop are made aware of the product.

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