The importance of effective management
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Page 5: Developing management skills

To remain competitive in the world economy, UK businesses need to develop a new generation of outstanding managers capable of leading people.

CMI's programmes help people develop management skills in a variety of ways. This might be through formal or informal training such as on-the-job training, e-learning or mentoring, or through continuous professional development, for example, social networking and management conferences or events. Membership of CMI provides access to all these routes and underpins a manager”s development.

Tailored solutions

CMI also works with businesses of different types and from different industries to find the solutions that will meet their specific requirements. A business may need its managers to focus on how well they communicate, improve how they inspire trust in others or build relationships with those around them.

Individuals and business-sponsored managers have equal access to the wide range of resources, information and guidance CMI provides for those following its programmes. This knowledge resource includes online research, case studies, e-learning content, tutorials, assessments, podcasts and a range of problem-solving tools to help managers find the right information when they need it.

The establishment of a professional standard the Chartered Manager status - has helped improve management skills across the UK. In 2010, the one thousandth individual to achieve this status was Martin Mackie who works for AMEC Power and Process (Europe). Martin believes that 'the award has made me aware of the skills that I possess and how I am able to implement them. Gaining Chartered Manager status will hopefully help me to progress my career'.

CMI accreditation

Having CMI-accredited managers helps a business to attract and retain talented people and inspires more public confidence in the quality of products and services provided. This was shown at the Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust where all managers engaged in a range of CMI courses. Surveys show that satisfaction amongst patients increased as a result of the training programme and the Trust earned a 5-star rating for excellence - the highest that can be awarded.

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