Applying the personal touch to financial services
A Co-operative Insurance Society case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Investing in training and a commitment to professional and personal development goes a long way towards motivating sales staff. But to maintain motivation other tactics are necessary. All the training in the world will not make an unenthusiastic salesforce successful. And, as CIS provides an intangible service rather than a product, maintaining motivation is even more important. Motivating a salesforce can be as easy as simply publishing new business figures to stimulate competition, for example between sales teams. Or it can be as complex as a major sponsorship deal with a Premier League football club.

An annual sales incentive scheme offers top performing sales people prizes in the form of holidays, gift vouchers and even hospitality at major sporting events, such as the FIFA World Cup Final or Monaco Grand Prix! Specialist salesforce publications keep the salesforce informed and up to date with what is going on, both within CIS and in the wider financial services industry. Advertising and public relations are used to emphasise CIS’s commitment to, and support of, its salesforce. In essence they let the salesforce know that the organisation is doing all it can to help them by promoting the CIS brand and so making the selling process easier. Up to the minute forms of communication such as the CIS Internet web site can work in a similar way.

Traditional values with a modern face

Ever since CIS issued its first policies, back in 1867, it has put customers first in everything it does -by identifying and anticipating their needs and matching its resources to those needs.

CIS is privileged in being close to its customers as a result of its chosen method of distribution. The genuine relationship CIS enjoys with its customers is one of its key strengths. On insurance and investment matters most people like to deal with someone they know and trust, someone who can give sound advice and who, apart from being on hand to collect premiums, can also be on the spot quickly to help in the event of a claim. Home service allows CIS to gain a unique insight into its customers’ needs and to develop business accordingly. It represents a massive commitment towards providing customers with helpful, friendly and personal service.

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