Applying the personal touch to financial services
A Co-operative Insurance Society case study

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Page 5: Training

CIS is a people business and for many customers their agent is the face of CIS. Therefore it’s essential that the organisation’s representatives are highly trained professionals. This view has led CIS to approach training and development as an on going activity which occurs throughout the representative’s career with the Society, not a one-off event. In fact, this process starts even before an agent joins CIS!

As part of a stringent pre-selection process, applicants must undergo an interview and examination to identify their willingness and capacity to learn. Once they’ve joined the organisation, agents complete the CIS Professional Development Programme, which develops sales and servicing skills, and study for the industry’s professional qualification, the Financial Planning Certificate. Only when they have attained this can they advise on the full range of CIS products.

This commitment to train and develop over 6,000 members of staff on an on going basis takes some organising! CIS has over 30 professional trainers based at its chief office, delivering a wide range of courses. In addition, there are 25 regional training officers; fully qualified and experienced sales people who provide field staff with detailed product knowledge.

Co-operative Insurance Society | Applying the personal touch to financial services