Coca-Cola and sports - partnership through competition
A Coca-Cola Great Britain case study

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Page 6: Tennis

Following on from the continuous support of Coca-Cola since 1974, in April 1996 diet Coke announced an exciting five-year partnership with one of Britain's leading summer sporting events - The Lawn Tennis Championships at Wimbledon. At the time, diet Coke had established itself as Britain's No.1 diet soft drink (second only to Coca-Cola in overall soft drink consumption) and was enjoying dynamic growth. In order to consolidate this position, a major marketing push was planned for the summer of 1996, focusing on encouraging even more people around the country to share in the fun, thrill and experience of Wimbledon.

As Official Carbonated Soft Drink to The Championships, diet Coke was there to refresh the players and the fans of the Wimbledon tournament. The campaign was supported by an instant-win scratch card promotion, offering consumers the chance to win free cans of diet Coke and tennis rackets. The brand also served up an imaginative advertising campaign, major promotional and PR campaigns and themed events in shopping malls up and down the country.

Coca-Cola Great Britain | Coca-Cola and sports - partnership through competition