Making the world's best known product
A Coca-Cola Great Britain case study

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Page 11: Just-in-time

Canners and bottlers process vast quantities of materials each week. Receiving the raw materials and delivering the finished products involves a complex sequence of actions.

The ideal solution is to make sure that the inputs for the process arrive 'just-in-time' so they can be transformed into a finished product ready for transportation 'just-in-time' to meet the needs of the retailers. At modern canning plants, the can maker is often located in an adjoining facility, with delivery through a 'hole in the wall' operation.

The packagers are involved in sophisticated supply chainnetworks with the supermarket chains and other outlets to ensure that this process runs smoothly. Canners and bottlers must ensure that they do not build up large stockpiles of cans waiting to be sold but they must also make sure that deliveries are not late. This is where they benefit from advanced information technology that rapidly relays figures about the demand for Coca-Cola. For example, this demand usually rises in periods of hotter weather so the packagers need to plan increased production.

Canners and bottlers work closely with The Coca-Cola Company and other suppliers to provide a smooth running supply chain so that consumers are always within 'an arm's reach of desire' and can always buy a drink when they want one.

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