The importance of social responsibility
A Coca-Cola Great Britain case study

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Page 7: CSR in the workplace

The Company is an equal opportunity employer, committed to fair and effective practices in relation to workplace diversity, work/life balance, health and safety, training and staff development.

Support programmes for employees include pension schemes, an independent counselling service covering areas such as bereavement, divorce and alcohol abuse. Our maternity benefits are leading edge which include bonuses to return to work. We operate other methods to accommodate flexible working where possible, and have an in-house gym that runs programmes focussing on life style and general well-being.

The Company uses professional benchmarking and diagnostic tools to evaluate performance, ensuring continuous improvement in these areas and in addition, measures and reports on the outcomes of its impact in the workplace, including employee perception measures.

The Company engages in effective two-way consultation with employees and has in place a team that represents each function and meets fortnightly to raise topics and discuss developments with senior management.

Coca-Cola Great Britain | The importance of social responsibility