Using market research to develop a product range
A Coca-Cola Great Britain case study

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Page 4: Category segmentation

By dividing a category into segments, businesses can identify different groups of consumer wants. It is then possible to design products to meet those requirements.

Each segment within the overall range of Coca-Cola meets specific consumer wants. Coca-Cola GB carries out extensive market research to identify consumer wants in every segment of category in which it operates. For example, market research analysis of the demographics of consumers in Great Britain revealed a growth in smaller households. The appropriate product response was to produce 1.25 litre share-size bottles.

A study of occasions when people drink sports drinks showed the importance of making it available in leisure centres. Other research showed that the famous original Coca-Cola glass bottle is best targeted at restaurants and special party occasions.

Market research into where specific products are consumed influences the design of pack types e.g. a 2 litre bottle for family consumption at home and a smaller 500ml bottle for consumption 'on the move'.

Coca-Cola Great Britain | Using market research to develop a product range