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A Coca-Cola Great Britain case study

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Page 3: Global branding

Coca Cola Great Britain 5 Image 7The ability to engage in global branding is a key advantage to any large company.  Coca-Cola is fortunate in that it possesses a number of instantly recognisable icons which go beyond the familiar taste of its product. In particular the Company benefits from its registered trade mark, the characteristic classic shapes of its bottles and the highly familiar red and white Coca-Cola can.

No story of Coca-Cola would be complete without the Coca-Cola glass bottle. The design for the bottle was created in the early 1900s when the bottlers of Coca-Cola faced constant threat of imitation of both product and packaging. 'We need a Coca-Cola bottle which a person will recognise as a Coca-Cola bottle even if he feels it in the dark. The bottle should be so shaped that, even if broken, a person could tell at a glance what it was.' (The Coca-Cola bottle design brief in 1915.)

Today the glass bottle is seen as an icon. An icon is a symbol or image which directly refers to a specific entity or moment. Acclaimed as one of the most famous packages, the Coca-Cola glass bottle was re-launched in 1997 in a unique new format for Britain at "The Coca-Cola Bottle" exhibition at London's Design Museum.

Coca-Cola also produces the world's most popular flavoured soft drinks: Fanta and Sprite, as well as diet Coke and Cherry Coke. These products can be mass marketed across the globe using standard promotions and advertising campaigns. This dramatically cuts promotional and advertising costs as these are distributed over a large market area.

As Coca-Cola is the flagship of the Company, more money is spent advertising and promoting Coke than any of the other drinks. In the United Kingdom, Coca-Cola advertises all year round.

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