Using promotional strategies to connect with stakeholders
A Connexions Card case study

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Connexions Card imageWide scale advertising can be very effective. Yet, the Connexions Card is not promoted extensively this way. It would have to mount a huge advertising campaign with an external advertising agency. This is an expensive investment. How would Connexions Card be able to measure its effect? This is a question of strategic judgement.

The target group is 16 to 19 year olds. This is a very broad category with no single means of reaching them all. The Card itself is a specific product that relates to personal learning achievement.

The message of the Card does not fit well with the leisure time interests of young people. If they are happy reading about music, computer games or the latest DVD releases, a learning based product such as the Connexions Card will not sit comfortably in that context. The Connexions Card team feels that it might be an irritation. At best, people will ignore the message. For these reasons wide scale advertising as a means of promotion has been avoided.

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