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Page 4: Sustainability and stakeholders

One of the most important choices a company makes is how to use its scarce resources. Corus seeks to balance the needs of its stakeholders by building sustainable development principles into all aspects of business activity.

The 'steel cycle'

The 'steel cycle' shows how four main stakeholder groups are involved in steel recycling:

1. consumers

2. manufacturers of steel products (such as Corus)

3. supermarkets that sell steel packaging to us and provide recycling banks

4. local authorities that provide local recycling facilities.

Wider involvement

Corus is involved in wider industry and international steel groups such as the International Iron and Steel Institute (IISI). This group promotes sustainable steel manufacturing on a global scale and supports recycling initiatives.

On the IISI website an interesting film clip, 'Steel and You' demonstrates the various ways in which steel plays a part in our lives, as well as the importance of recycling and responsible steel manufacture.

In addition, Corus has its own education programme. This includes a new website called SCRIB where people can download educational and fun activities in English and Welsh to increase their recycling knowledge.

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