The importance of building a strong brand image
A Corus case study

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Page 4: Implementation

Corus 7 Image 6The Corus ambition is to build a strong powerful brand that looks and means the same all over the world. A powerful brand must have attention value, whether it be in neon lights or on the side of a vehicle.  We notice powerful logos wherever they appear eg on filling stations and fast food outlets.  They always look the same and, if we enjoy the associated product, the logo acts as a guarantee of satisfaction.

Branding works because customers’ choices are based on emotion as well as logic. Of course, a chocolate bar or fizzy drink may be an easier image to present than that of a diverse industrial group like Corus.  However, the same principles apply. Consistency in how the Corus brand is presented is the key to building a strong brand image.  In the same way that the name Apple is used by a computer company to signify knowledge and freshness, the word Corus suggests a united company.  It helps to convey the idea that all the operations within Corus have different strengths but are more powerful when their voices join together. Today, the Corus brand stands for one company, with one name and one vision.


Corus 7 Image 4An outstanding feature of the Corus mark is its quality.  It comprises two elements, a symbol and a wordmark which combine to be one entity. The large, red ‘C’ (the symbol) is designed to be recognised immediately. The colour hints at a bold business approach, consistent with a new beginning. The name (the wordmark) appears in a contrasting colour and in its own distinctive typeface. The symbol is never used without the wordmark.

The new mark is used in Corus advertising, marketing, promotions, brochures, on uniforms, vehicles, signs, stationery and is even stamped onto products. The intention is to etch the mark into customers’ consciousness. To create this consistency, brand managers at Corus created a set of standard guidelines for the whole organisation covering many aspects of branding eg:

  • the exact shade of red to be used
  • a housestyle for company literature and stationery
  • livery on transport (vans, lorries)
  • company workwear
  • layout and content of the company web-site
  • signs, logos on buildings.

The overall intention is to promote the objective of creating ‘one company with one look’, worldwide.

Corus | The importance of building a strong brand image