Innovation in infant nutrition
A Cow & Gate case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Within the nutrition industry, businesses have a duty to develop products that match consumer needs as fully aspossible. This case study provides a good example of new product development that combines the strength of scientific research with an ongoing understanding of consumers’ requirements.

Numico believes that breastfeeding is best for babies and knows many mothers continue to breast feed their infant beyond six months of age. However, some mothers are unable to breast feed or choose not to do so and elect to bottle feed instead. Research shows that some mothers introduce cows’ milk into their infant’s diet too early, against the guidelines of the Department of Health. Cow & Gate has been able to draw on extensive scientific research to provide a viable alternative to cows’ milk in the latter half of a baby’s first year and beyond. Having developed an innovative product, Cow & Gate is looking to improve it continually with the help and advice of consumers and to the benefit of everyone concerned.

Cow & Gate | Innovation in infant nutrition